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Re: Trouble with battery door latch

Originally posted by Michael Heer
I reviewed the Beaver for Ezone and had the 600 mamp six cell nicad fall out a second or so after take off and the Beaver nosed in without any real damage. After that I always taped the battery door closed with white 3M plastic tape. It worked very well. The Beaver is a very good plane and flies great off the water on floats. What surprised me most was that I didn't notice any real change in performance from flying near sea-level at home or flying off of Lake Tahoe at 6,200 feet elevation. Just slightly longer run on the water before lift off. Someone else is now flying my first Beaver but I am building a second one for night flying and will install a Curtek navigation light system in it. It will have both solid and flashing lights on the wing tips (green on the right and red on the left) with clear strobe on the tail and solid white on the bottom of the fuse and two landing lights on the leading edge of the wing. All powered by the same battery that powers the motor and radio system as the voltage draw is very low. The hair thin wires will be hidden in the fuselage and under the strengthening tape added to the wing. The landing lights have remote on/off. The Beaver is a great platform for adding LEDs.
My next GWS plane will be a A-10 or Corsair which ever comes out first. Seems like I have been waiting forever for the GWS A-10 but it is nice to know that when it comes out they have worked hard to make sure it will fly. Mike

Oh...Hi there Michael !

Please not to steal your idea but, I too have been thinking of adding lights to my planes or at least, can you please tell me what kind of lights/LEDs, where, and how you connect these lights!!!!!

Oh, great!! Thanks!!
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