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Please, by all means, redo Little Fishy. That was and should remain one very special Moth. If I recall, Keith did one fine job on decorating his Moth, but Little Fishy was really unique in the art department. So, keep the "spirit" going.

Concerning wing warp, I have a Pique 3 that used to do the same thing, very one sided in turning and you almost lost control when turing one direction versus the other. Non-aileron wing, standard 3 channel stuff. The wing halves could be easily removed from the fuselage. I would store the wing halves in the map pocket behind the drivers seat in the car. Never considered what the heat would do to the wings under the high heat conditions of a summer day, and the wings being held tight in the pocket. This resulted in a warpage of one wing only. Once I really eyeballed the wings, I applied "reverse torque" adjustment (heat gun, some grunting and groaning), and most of the problem was solved. Sounds like Little Fishy may well have had some wing warpage, and the wind pushed the AOA to the limit of flyability. Just my thoughts. Definitely, we need Little Fishy back in action...with new wings, same livery.

Good luck, and condolences for the crunch!

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