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Originally Posted by aeronca
My vote is to, get yellow and redo your Lil' Fishy scheme on them. No one can duplicate your beautiful work.

Hehe well actually I know of at least two people who can! My friend John airbrushed the gradient and Jess and I painted all the scales!

So I guess yellow it is!

Buzz, re: the dihedral, there did seem to be enough, and it wasn't rocking so much as just rolling slowly (and quicker in lefthand turns) to port. Must have had a lot of twist on the starboard wing. Oddly however, my black moth had a savage twist to at least one of its wings and yet flew straight as an arrow The wind had been so bad here of late and the TM was my only airworthy bird, so I was doing repairs practically every third outing.

This usually just involved gluing the interwing struts back into place as they tend to pop free in light to mid prangs.

I was amazed to see that my homemade BL is still going strong as smooth, the prop shaft is still sraight, I just had to replace the back half of my IPS-gearbox mount!

So yellow wings.. right.

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