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I don't know what kind of problems you had with the motor in your fan unit, and going brushless from the begining is of course always an option for "MORE POWER...POWER...POWER"... But, as far as having to cut the canopy and install your own stuff, I have had plenty of occasions to send out kits that I represent to people for their review, or just for fun only to have them call me and tell me it does'nt fly like it should. Then I find out that they are using none of the reccommended equipement and in fact may have done something like install ailerons on a plane designed for rudder elevator only, and did not even hinge the rudder, or against written directions, paint several coats of color spray paint on top and bottom of the kit when directions clearly say not to do that and they complain it's sluggish. All I am trying to say is that I feel certain that the XB would be less aggravating if the exact equipment that was made for it were installed in it. I personally enjoy adapting my own stuff to kits or homebuilt planes because I dont have the reccommended equipment and can't get it right away or can't afford it at the time. It's fun, but then I don't expect the plane to fly exactly like it was billed to fly. Keep us all posted on how yours goes and post some video if you can. Thanks

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