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Beaver, a GWS model

Hello GWS fans:

After building and flying two GWS models, the GWS ZERO and the GWS Pipo J3 Piper Cub, the Beaver was finally all finished last night around 2:30AM on Friday morning!

The maiden flight was at the Kennedy Space Center (FLORIDA) flying field. After flying my ZERO twice, I then took my time to preflight check the Beaver and I finally launched it at 8:25AM EST.

The Beaver was hand launched at 3/4 power setting. This Beaver has the GWS EPS-300C-CS (5.33:1 reduction gear) and I used the same kind of battery of that in my ZERO (8 Cell, AAA, 9.6Volt, NiMH, 720mAH, Sanyo Flat pack).

After flying a couple of laps around the field with authority and very stable turns (it seemed like it had ailerons!!!), I then managed to do a loop. Well, sort of......

At the bottom start of the loop I thought I saw something fly out from the plane, I didn't think anything of it since the plane managed to complete it's loop very nicely. Then it seemed that I had an early cut-off. Well, I noticed that none of the controls were working!!! You guess it !!! The dang battery fell out during the hard loop. The little plastic holder/cover for the battery is not meant to hold a 3.7oz. battery pack during hard loops so, I will use rubber bands in the future just like I use them in my "SUPER" Piper!!!

I could not beleive my eyes, the Beaver just floated in a nice large spiral turns until it hit very softly on the ground with a almost complete gentle wing tip to tip landing. Wow!!! no damaged done except my pride and red faced pilot!!(Thank goodness the elevator got stuck in the up position!)

I was able to recover the battery pack and it was okay considering the most unceromonioust ejection from the Beaver!

Will fly it Saturday morning as well with the rubber bands in place.

This is a very nice model, slow and very graceful turns and it looked like it had ailerons but, yet fast when you need it!

I will post the pics soon!!!
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