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Fun with CA

Wow I didnt know that building a barge would be such an adventure. Everyting pretty much has gone together smooth. This is all freestyle there are no plans I am making it up as I go. All has been good the hull was slightly out of square so I put it square and now it has a slight twist in it. It is only about 1/8 of an inch over 36" of hull. I dont think that it will be too bad on the water. The fun part and the adventure came in when I started putting the bow sheeting on. The first 2 braces are easy they are flat and there is no curve to the hull at that point. I glue and hold up the hull till I hit the very front of the bow and that part does not want to stay put (I expected this). Glue in place, holding the barge up and pushing down on the bow I think the glue is dry enough to hold and.... YES!!! cool I can put this aside and wipe up the little CA that got on my table. as I am wiping up the table I feel something warm on my leg, I look down and see the not so dry CA (with accelerator) dripping from the seam to my leg. I grab the barge and get it all over my hands too I had a spot on my leg about 6 inches round with CA and 4 fingers that I was keeping apart. I got the alcohol out to get the stuff off but now I have a patch of hair missing from my leg. OK nuff of the CA horrors.

Things are looking good. I am going to put floatation in the sides and then give it a floor and walls inside. I will be making modules for it so this barge can become different types of barges. I think I am going to try for a crane barge first. I hope to make the crane operate. Do any of you know of a crane kit that can be motorized for rotation, winches and boom height? I am also thinking of making a dredging barge with a hydraulic shovel and mud storage in the front. Well last but not least here are the last pics for tonight.

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