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Some good points hoppy. Expensive is relative and to some a $50 LiPoly is a big investment annd they really need to get a couplre of years and / or a 200 flights from it. Some figure that if a $50 only last one season and 100 flights they got their money's worth from it and better one will be available next year.
The big problem with with those who spend $400 to $1,000 or so on LiPolys for a single aircraft and perhaps only fly it 25 times or so a season and perhaps only 50 to 75 flight total. If such a LiPoly dies in one year then those flights are on the expensive side.

Improperly stored LiPolys develop high IR which is worse than capacity lose IMO. It matters little if a 1300 mAh still delivers 1200 mAh if it was able to deliver 10A at 3.5 volts per cell and now it drops to 3.0V or less per cell at that discharge level when less than 500 mAh have been delivered..

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