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Well you could use this circuite as astarting point if you are a DIY type.

I mkae no special effort to end flights with cells at between 3.7 and 3.8 . My ESCs are set to provide these levels and if a flight is cut short the plane can / could still be used to dump the excess charge.

My first LIPoly charger was an Apachee 2500 however my second one as well as the third was a Triton. They will do any battery maintaince necesary. I have added a buch more chargers but they are icing on the cake.

IMO everyone needs at least one good all purpose charger/discharger / cycler.

A fairly cheap alternative if your LiPoly have taps would be to purchase a Hyperion LBA 6 and use it in the discharge mode. It has an LVC of 2.75V (any cell) ,which I feel is to low but a auto tail light can be used as a discharge load and the LBA 6 be used as a backup cutoff if you fail to stop the discharge at the correct point.

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