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Discharger for LiPos (3.85V for storage & long life)

I don't have a lot of money and would therefore like to get the longest life out of my LiPo battery packs.

I do not push them past 1C very often and haven't hit LVC for a couple of years now. All my packs are either equipped with individual cell connectors or soon will be. I own & use an AF "Blinky." I use Motocalc and a Whattmeter; I know what the loads are and select battery/motor/prop combinations that optimize performance against stress on the batteries.

Now, if I read it right, LiPos last longer if stored @ 3.85 Volts. I currently store my batteries (week or two at-a-time) fully charged (Apache "Smart Charger 2500").

1) Would I get significantly longer service from my LiPos if I kept them at 3.85 Volts when storing for one or two weeks?
2) If there is an advantage, is there a discharger or discharge technique available that I can use?

Thanks Guys -- isn't the internet wonderful. I've learned so much about this hobby of ours on RCGroups!

Joe Minton
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