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You are the problem E-Challenged. The plane in your icon is clearly too large to fly at Fairview Park as are most of the planes that few Saturday. I quote from one of your other posts about Saturday; "Watched a 1/4 scale electric J-3 fly at our scale fun fly today, old guy nearly stalled it during takeoff due primarily to stage fright..."

What you don't mention is that awnings and the pits were set up on one side of the public pathway while the runway is right on the other side letting the public walk between them. Also there were no pilots stations. Then there was the five pound Corsair that went over the public path at head height and between the awnings on take off. Combine that with the five pound (or better) Yak that crashed off field.

This is not about visability. This is about public safety. Even the AMA has reviewed Fairview and clearly stated that it's not a good place to fly power planes. Too small of an area and too much public access. How long do you think that any flying will remain at Fairview when one of the twenty to thirty ponders that certain power only flyers insist on flying takes out a mother or her kid in a stroller.

Yes E-Challenged. You and your power buds are the problem.
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