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My First Scratch Built Plane - Thanks Hoppy

This is my first scratch build. It's based on Hoppy's Hoot. The wing is made of 2mm Depron folded over with three ribs per wing and two riblets between each rib back to the depron spar. It's very light and very strong. Instead of using glue I used double sided sticky tape to fix the rib, riblets and spar and also along the TE to fix the fold. The wing then has coloured packing tape covering. The Fuse is a variant on the Hoot with a different turtle deck and canopy. The fuse is 3mm Depron covered with computer listing paper and painted with 50% PVA/water. I then covered the fuse with coloured packing tape. It's very light and very, very strong. I found out the hard way how strong during an iverted pass on the maiden flight. It stuffed in under full power from thirty feet. The repairs took ten minutes with strapping tape and some CA to the motor mount. Power is from a hybrid unit. It was a GWS 100C but the 280 motor burnt out so I replaced it with a motor from a GWS 300C box. The ratio is about 4 to 1 and the 300 motor give plenty of power. I run it on an 8 cell AAA 720 mAH NiMH pack and it's very fast on a GWS 8 x 6 prop. It flies great. I can loop from level. Roll quicker than I can count and it climbs at about 70 degrees.

Thanks Hoppy it's a great design.

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