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Simplicity itself -- bit of wire bent into a shallow V shape, hold in place using the collets behind the wheels, then in the UC plate drill a small (1mm) hole in the centre of the cross piece (there is a small dimple in the moulding). Screw and cyano a small cup hook in place and the tension the cross member with a small elastic band. If you are familiar with the UC on the multiplex Magister - exactly the same idea.

I did take some pictures - but i seem to have mislaid my USB cable for the card reader!

The more I fly - the more I like this plane. What can I say - it just have very honest handling and its making even my attempts at aerobatics look good. You will not be disapointed with it.

Over in the UK we have a standard club aerobatic aircraft - called the WOT4 designed and still kitted by Chris Foss. Its been in production for something like 20 years and is still very popular - even in todays ARTF world. Virtually every modeller of a certain age has had or has a WOT4 in their fleet. It is just that good ... dare I suggest that the Acro Master might just be as good?

In the last couple of flights - it has stared to "resonate" at certain throttle settings. The motor mount rear cross member is still there and the glue joints are still sound. It still might be flexing - so the engine is coming out tomorrow and something more substantial is going to be fitted!
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