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For the tail uinit (drawings rudderfin and elevatorfin) you need a cf tube, O.D. 6 mm, I.D. 4 mm with a length of 300 mm. And you need to build a holder for the rudder. Take any sort of rod with 6 mm diameter and a minimum lenght of 150 mm and glue it flush to the side of a 6 mm piece of balsa. Cover this with a bit of non-sticking household wrap and put it in a vice, the rod on the upper side (first picture). Take two strips of 50 mm wide gf tape and laminate them symmetrically over the rod. Put another layer of household wrap on top and smooth down the tape on the sides of the balsa. Use two flat rods and some clamps on the sides of the balsa to hold the gf tape in place. Cut the cured holder into the shape shown in the plan. The holder may look rather flexible, but once you've glued it to the end of the tail boom it's strong enough to hold the rudder. I've used silicon for that connection, this way you can take it apart again. Now drill three 3 mm holes for nylon screws into the rudder holder as shown in the plan (second picture). Cut the rudder fin out of 6 mm Depron (or two pieces of 3 mm Depron) and put it in the rudder holder. Make 3 mm holes in the Depron and fix the rudder with nylon screws. Dismantle again.

Print the plan of the elevator fin out two times, cut out a right and a left side, glue the cut-outs together and use as a template for cutting the elevator fin out of 3 mm Depron. Epoxy a 320 mm long flat cf rod (3 mm x 0.3 mm) to the leading edge of the elevator fin for stability. Glue the elevator fin to the lower rudder fin and use two cf rods with 1 mm diameter and a length of 195 mm to stabilize the tail unit. The places where the cf rods go into the Depron are marked in the plans by little dots. Glue the top of the rudder fin onto the elevator fin and bolt the tail unit into the rudder holder. Stick the tail boom into the tail boom support, align everything and fix with the grub screw of the wheel collar.

To be continued.

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