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Originally Posted by AnnihilaT
Here is another tip. Dont use CA to secure the cross member behind the motor bulkhead which stiffens up the motor mount frame. Harmonic vibes or whatever from a large outrunner motor will eventually just crack the ca joints loose and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Use something stronger like epoxy or drill straight thru it and put a very thick CA tube thru the whole thing and epoxy it in place. Its a bit too flimsy in this area to last for long if you are using an aggressive prop.
Just a question for those of you who are having problems with vibrations and this stiffener breaking loose: Are you balancing your props? After trying it on a few SF props a couple months ago, I am a believer in doing this. It makes a HUGE difference, and especially so on larger diameter props.

I only read that after I had CA'd mine in, or I would've roughed it up and used epoxy. I'm going to balance my prop and hope for the best, and use epoxy if it comes loose.

When you say "all hell breaks loose" when it comes off, what does this mean. I wouldn't think the plane would fly that much differently, maybe just make a lot of noise...
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