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Just to answer a couple questions i missed...

Harrier landing should be possible but landings are not my forte.... im a heli guy who flies airplanes like i fly me heli so its all well and good in the air... i can even do rolling circles with the AM but i dont have much practice landing. My orientation is there already from the helis but landing takes experience to get right i think.

Anyway for me the problem is that the landing gear are too flimsy and bouncy and when landing in grass that is not very short you tip forward on the prop. I havent broken a prop this way yet but you really want to make sure your engine is out.

I have now taken off the landing gear (i tried without the pants and it was no better) and im now landing it in a section of the field with 2 foot grass. Bringing it down slow and at a harrier angle and just dropping it into the grass with the power off. No problems with this.

However after saying all that, another guy at the field showed up today with one and i saw him land his several times on the wheels with no problems. They had just mowed landing strips very short today tho and also his plane is alot lighter than mine. He went with a much smaller outrunner and prop and hsi battery is half the size of mine. (im running 3S2P 4200mah - he is running 3s1p 2000mah). Mine definetly is heavier but also has more power.
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