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Great!! I've bookmarked your stuff. I'll make one once exams are over.

AVRs are easy to deal with. Just build a cheapo programmer eg PonyProg and away you go. AT90S2313-10PC available off the shelf here. Looks like none of the extra features of the 2313 are being used, so a 1200 would probably work too (if the code is short enough). I have plenty of SMD 1200s. How many words is the software Takao?

Very impressive code, quite a lot of rcalls involved but otherwise looks reasonably efficient. This is one of those things I was going to try to make after exams, but I doubt I would have been able to do anywhere near as good a job on the schematic.

Takao, do you have the schematic in a file format (eg Protel)? If so it will save me drawing it out again to make a PCB layout.

I'm excited! CD-ROM brushless coming my way

Vintage1 - the optocouplers are to help remove inductive kick it says on the diagram.

*exactly* what I was looking for thanks Takao!!
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