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Originally Posted by raptor22
I was arguing could happen that a while back. Elemental lithium burns like hell (hotter than magnesium), and burns alot faster under water. But everyone says "no, its only a lithium compound". Well, why does it burn white then? The anion is Li!


Ho hum, here we go again...

There is no metallic Lithium in any Li-Po battery, and you can forget about that "plating" myth, as that amounts to milligrams.

What you are dealing with is LiCoO2 (Lithium Cobalt Dioxide) acting as a strong oxidizer under heat (producing oxygen), which then combines with the very flammable organic solvents used in the battery electrolyte.

It's the solvents, and then the battery "guts" that burn real nice!

The lack of flammable organic solvents, combined with the lack of an oxidizer, is what makes LiMn and similar cells so much safer.

Dat's the facts.
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