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You sabotaged my plane.
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Originally Posted by flieslikeabeagl
I can fly, but I still use a sim every time I want to learn a new skill or improve an old one. At the moment I'm working on knife-edge circuits and slow rolls, and I put in some of my practice on a sim, and some at the flying field.
Yes, that is a good point.

Originally Posted by flieslikeabeagl
My experience with Xandros was different than yours. I bought it hoping my wife would be able to get off Win98, and was severely disappointed - half the time it would not detect her USB keyboard, I could not get her Wacom tablet to work (though it worked flawlessly with just about every other distro I tried), the included KDE was an old version, and so on.
Isn't it funny how these things work. We have our house network setup with four computers both wireless and wired. All computers are dual or triple boot and Xandros is the backbone to the system. You just never know.

The only real trouble that I can think I've had (that wasn't my fault ) I had a ATI all in wonder Radeon that I could not get the TV to work the same time with 3D acceleration. It was one or the other but not both.
Originally Posted by flieslikeabeagl
but at least I don't have to deal with a new virus every few days!
Amen to that. It's nice to be able to use your computer instead of fighting it all the time.

I downloaded the sim last night. Now I need some time. I have been trying to get a new kit released and that takes much of the day. You look at the clock and before you know it 24 hours is gone.


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