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Jim - you're welcome! I'm glad to find out you're still here on RCG!

I forgot to mention I have successfully used CRRCSIM on Slackware many months ago. I forget which version, but perhaps it was Slackware 9.

In general, I have had virtually no problems compiling software from source on Slackware, and on Gentoo. Every other distro I've tried has resulted in about a 30% success rate - there is almost always some missing library or something located in a non-standard location that the compiler cannot figure out. Xandros is heavily tweaked and I suspect would be a difficult distro to compile anything from source on.

This is off-topic, but I cannot resist mentioning it: I use Gentoo primarily because of the wonderful ease of software installation (everything is compiled, and large programs therefore take a long time to install, but all it takes to install, say, Firefox, is to type "emerge mozilla-firefox".

I've always suffered through the long and tedious Gentoo installation process though, which can take many hours as you compile everything from source. Recently I discovered a wonderful shortcut, in the form of Kororaa linux. There are two flavours of Kororaa, one a live CD with installer including the new XGL visual whizz-bang stuff, and one older two-CD installation set. If you install from either of these, you end up with a very nice and relatively complete Gentoo installation in minutes rather than hours - and "emerge myprogram" works just as flawlessly as it does if you install Gentoo the hard way.

Also a bit off-topic, I've often wished I had enough Linux knowledge to take one of the existing Linux live-CD's, and remaster it to include CRRCSIM, configured and working out of the box...that would really open up the audience for it!

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