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Originally Posted by Googleplex
My wife the eternal optimist comforts me when I have a bad run by saying 'well, now you have an excuse for new models'.
In my misery, I said "Oh well, tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day here in S.E. Michigan with very low winds in the 3-4 mph range.

She said, you're not going flying tomorrow...

I said, Yes I am.. I have to get back up on that horse!

She replied with "I think you've fallen off quite enough..."

She claims she was trying to be funny, quite honestly - I didn't think it was so funny... I've been debating ever since this happened if I really want to spend another day rebuilding my Typhoon, or if I should just get another kit and build it.. I mean, I've already depleted all of the hobby shops in a 15 mile radius of their Typhoon gearboxes, prop shafts, and fuselages (well, not just "me", but they are all out at the moment so I'd either have to mail order, or wait for them to get a shipment in anyways).
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