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Bad Luck Today - Is it Friday the 13th or something?

Wow, I'm not sure what is going on...

I went out to the field today with the family, and a bunch of friends met me out there to see me fly for the first time.

Backing up a little bit, I had just spent all day repairing my Typhoon, you see... While I was flying late last night, a really big steel light pole jumped out and batted my plane out of the sky like King Kong.

So we pull up to the field today, and as my son is getting out of the car he steps on my latest plane (The Tribute 3D) and breaks the rudder right off. Upset, but determined I leave the wife and kids at the park and run up to CVS and pickup some clear packing tape and tape it back together...

First plane I take out is my Typhoon, I just spent all day and like $20 in gas repairing it (running around to hobby shops to get parts, etc). I do a quick radio check, everything looks good. I go to take off and it's just taxi'ing around making a very loud noise. I shut it down and realize that SOMEONE put my prop on backwards. Total flight time 0 seconds.

I fix the prop and try again, it takes off.. Seems to be flying fine, I do a couple laps, a couple loops, and then I gain some altitude and do a flat spin... It's spinning, and spinning, I cut the motor back on - nothing... No power... I try to pull out but it's too late, SMACK into the ground and it's in a bunch of pieces - again. Total flight time about 25-30 seconds.

Ok, so I bring out my new plane. I'm all geeked, I really like the way the Tribute flies. I turn the radio on... Nothing... Wait, I didn't turn it on, I turned it off.. So I try turning it on... Still nothing.. I must have left it on last night when we packed up, batteries are dead. Total flight time 0 seconds.

Sooo.... I bring out my Red Hawk. I don't really like this plane that much because you can't control it that well, it has very little control surface. But I figured, what the heck.. I didn't come here for nothing. I do a quick radio check, everything looks good, I throw her into the air and she's off! Success at last! We're flying around and around, I get her up pretty high and she catches some wind... Now it's been about 15 minutes and I'm getting concerned the batteries are getting low, so I try to bring her down. She's probably 800 feet in the air at this point. I give her full down rudderator's and nothing... She's really got the wind holding her up at this point, so I try doing circles to bring her down, she's circling, circling, and slowly getting tigheter and tigether circles, so I try banking out hard and nothing... Circles turn into a full out spiral right into the cement. Needless to say, it's hard to identify what kind of plane she used to be. Total flight time about 18 minutes, but mostly against the wind so the plane really was just sitting there, not really "flying" more like "floating in one spot".

Determined not to let my day be ruined I break out my helicopter to kill some time. I'm flying around in circles showing some friends how well it hovers around 300 feet in the air. Now, I'm not really sure what happened at this point (another R/C pilot did pull up while I wasn't looking, pulled out his airplane and I think he lit it up, but I'm not sure...) but the next thing I know is my helicopter is upside down heading full speed towards the cement and is completely uncontrollable. I tried to pull out, but go no response at all. I don't believe it can be repaired it's that bad.... Total flight time about 3-4 minutes.

After the helicopter incident I decided it was time to pack it up and go home with my tail between my legs. I don't think I have ever felt like such a failure in my whole life. I appologize for the rambling, but I just had to tell someone that might understand...

** CRY **
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