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Thank you RD for the testing. While we sometimes disagree in threads, your time and effort spent doing cell testing, considering the risk you take is appreciated.

Some observation from being around at this stage in the introduction of Lipo for RC:

- Gen 1 Lipo's were good for about 5C, now we have 15C and claimed 20C Lipos.... if A123 improves simiarilly over time the energy density delta to Lipos may disappear.

- Saftey...... I sure hope it's true...... but in the early days of Lipo's we were told they were the safest cell type yet.... worst case they would just swell up and you could throw them away.... yeah we sure know better now.

- Cycle life.... remaims to be seen at +20C but local RC boat racers here in Florida love the A123's. They usually have to throw away a Nimh pack (GP or IB cells) after around 10 cycles to remain competative. They have yet to see the need to toss a A123 pack.

Now if only A123 would put out a +3500mah cell at around 100g I would be a very happy heli flyer.

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