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I have implemented manual override with a PIC and have never had ANY problems with taking over. I used channel 6 on my receiver and set up a switch on my transmitter to coincide with channel 6. This way I can toggle between manual and autonomous mode with the flick of a switch.

The switch changes the PWM signal between 1ms or 2ms. All I do is measure the pulse with my PIC and determine if it's less than or greater than 1.5 ms. This leaves a lot of room for error. Furthermore, (for UAVgeek) if you feed in your PWM signal to a hardware interrupt pin on your PIC (i.e. CCP), then you shouldn't miss any pulses. PICs are very robust and I've never had them totally fail.

And in regards to the uNAV, that is correct - they use PPM to read in the pulses of all channels using just one pin. You have to "hack" a receiver to do so though as one person already mentioned.
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