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Originally Posted by chopsuey
UAVGeek: Did you have any luck with the servo chatter? How do you like the slo-stick as a test plane?

I am going to try the same thing with a 16F628 that I have sitting around and see if I have any luck.
If you want my code as a starting point (I use the 16F628 too) in ccs 'c' let me know. ( I suspect that part of the problem is that I should have wired it to use the interrupt on bit change bit's on port 'b' as the inputs from the receiver instead of polling.. I didn't think of that when I wired the PIC and it's a PITA to change the wiring now. The chatter is acceptable to me until I get past my first compter controlled flight.

I love the simplictiy of the slo-stick. My initial test flight's using a brushless 400 would just barely fly with the flight package installed. I had to toss it rather than take off from the ground and be very carefull until I gained altitude. Since then I have reduced the weight quite a bit. The first computer controlled flights will take place this weeked (weather and wind permitting) Part of the problem is I'm using an old delorme tripmate as the GPS (sans battery pack) and it weighs quite a bit. I have a tiny GPS on order from Spark Fun that should help a lot.

I might try a motor glider for the second protype or a telemaster.

I know this is a hack, but in the mean time I took a couple of 300 class engines and made a tri-motor slo-stick.. Flys like the wind eats batteries alive. (it will 3D without the flight package!)

Since the slo-stick doesn't have ailerons, I'm using that channel for the booster engines then will cut them down to 10% for cruise and let the brushless keep me in the air.

I'm going to take pictures and video the intial computer flights, so I'll find a place to put them up on the web as soon as the flight happens.

Should be interesting.. The first three planned flights are:
"land" (climb to altitude under human control then computer decent to land)

"loiter then land" ( circle the center of the field for 5 mintues at 1000 ft radius.. Our waypoint sequencer does not use waypoints in the gps so we can do this.)

"box the land" (fly a 6 waypoint box. the last two are setups for landing..)

If we get that far and still have an airplane rather than pieces of one, we will go for the 1 mile cross country then start on prototype #2

Should be interesting.

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