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Just to clear the confusion - the cell data you reference is from batches manufactured late last summer, not the same as the newer cells we both have.
Enerland have stated that since December they have improced the performance of the XP cells - I think this is what we are seeing. We'll know for sure when I finish all my packing and start testing the newer batch of Enerland cells.



Originally Posted by RD Blakeslee
I just noticed this morning that my results using the CBA 10X Amplifiier do not agree with Rod's (RC_Tester's) using the CamLight.

Possibly the cells were different, I don't know, but I believe Enerland shipped Rod's and my cells to us about the same time.

Rod's test showed the cell going below 3 volts @ 18C, while mine showed it successfully completing a 20C discharge at an average of about 3.3 volts.

I'll do another 20C discharge (66 amps) and check the amperage with my clamp-on ammeter. Meanwhile, I've emailed Rod.

- RD
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