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Originally Posted by alexeames
OK, I'll try and work through that one. I've never done it before, but it must be doable.

* navigate to the page and post you want to link to.
* cut and paste the URL
* then on the post you want to link to hover over the "report this post to moderator" link. This will give you the post number (this post is 5619687)

to the end of the URL add...

#post and then your post number. in this case...


So the whole URL for this post looks like this...

(split into two so the site won't truncate the visible link

Badly explained, but not that hard to do

Another example. To link to your build thread and start at the c of g post entitled c of g balance you would need to use...

WhooHoo it works
Alex, Thanks you pointed me in the right direction.

This is a link for the single post.... It really uses showpost not show.....

Take the same line and change the word "showpost" to "showthread" and you get a link to a post starting point. It really uses showthread not show.....

BTW: check this link out I put a table of quick links in the 1st post.

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