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Originally Posted by Buzz
OK, one more off topic.... The Aero Ace flies slow and porpoises a lot with two wings. I simply pulled the bottom wings off of the plane and detached the wing struts by gently pulling on them until the contact cement lets go. Then you are left with only the top wing. We all know that biplanes are slow flyers, but making it a mono plane changes all of that. If you take your bottom wings off you will notice a definite increase in speed. Because of the extra speed, you can gain altitude much faster, then cut back to minimum power and fly around over the trees for quite a while. I get about 18 to 20 minutes on one charge because I get way up there and glide with no power.
If you want to put your bottom wings back on, the clear contact cement is still there, and you just stick them and the struts back on.

Wayne... yeah, it does seem backwards, doesn't it? I throw a towel over the TM when I fly the AA's so it won't get depressed.

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