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Thanks RD, glad more people will know be able to test the bigger cells.
Keep us tuned of the max amps/power this unit will be able to deal with.

Do you know in which packs / brands these cells are being used ?
Are there any cells in that area of capacity & weight that sustain a higher voltage than this particular cell (aka better Ri) or is that (likely) the best 3300/80g cell to date ?

There are some 4900 mAh that have been graphed by Gerd (Elektomodellflug) that seem stupendous, do you plan to have these graphed as well anytime soon ?

Also since many users (LMR glider, 3D planes, F3A, Helis...) don't use such cells for continuous high rate discharges, but rather at high peaks but low avearge, is there a possibility to do burst tests: say 5seconds @30C - rest 10 or 15 seconds - repeat until no load voltage is too low (say 3.3 volts or 3.0 ?) ?
FYI, unlike many, since I'm flying high perf sailplanes, I'm only looking for best power/weight ratio for short full power bursts with typically zero overheating issue - I have in mind to use 4900 cells at up to 180Amps (not paralleled) for 3000+W geared power plants

thanks !
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