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Originally Posted by Doug Sipprell
OK Buzz, you forced my hand. I know you never really believed I flew my Moth waaaaaaaaaaaaay up there, as reported earlier. Well, I have now installed an altimeter that will verify the height(s), and I will post the results as soon as I can get in a flight. Picked up a tiny altimeter from Winged Shadow Systems and stuck it inside the Moth, with the LED indicator sticking out the side of the fuselage. The device weights about 2.5 grams, and draws power from an available channel in the receiver. I am using Chl 5 on the Naro 6 receiver. After a flight, and BEFORE powering down the receiver, you just wave your finger past the LED and then count the return flashes that will indicate maximum altitude attained during that flight. Example: 126 feet = Flash.....Flash, Flash......Flash, Flash, Flash, Flash, Flash, Flash.

So, scientific proof will hopefully be obtained to prove the ability of my Moth to really get up there!!

Here's the link to the supplier:

Oh, sure! Now you want to rub it in, eh? I'm not spending my money on that thing. It doesn't even register until you're above FIFTY FEET!!!! Why don't they make one that starts at ONE foot!!?

Seriously, that is a pretty cool gadget. Just wait 'til I build my white Pico Moth with the outrunner I got from Wes. Doug, don't lose your plane up there trying to imress me!
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