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This is for a 30 inch span model with a AUW of around 9 Oz's.
You can increase this size if you want real easy by just taking all my measurements and x 1.5. This will give you a 45 span model. Mike Connally did this and it worked fine. Just replace the 2mm foam with 3mm and the 3mm with 6mm.

Motor can be any 1 once type CD ROM style spinning a 7/8/9 inch prop for the 30" span

First things first.....Parts

You will need,

1. Ghostline poster board..... Ghostline You can buy this at any Walmart or Pharmacy that carries school supplies. If you don't get this stuff , its going to be allot harder to design, as you well need a square.

2. 2MM Depron Foam. A few small sheets should be fine

3. 3MM Depron . one small sheet should work

4. 2 pieces of 1/8 carbon tubing

125" .070" 1/8" 3.00 mm 7.6 gr carbon-tubes

5. 1 piece of .070 or .060 carbon rod. The .070 doesn't always fit into the tube so you well have to get the both to make sure.

.060" 1/16" 1.5 mm 3.0 gr carbon-rods
.070" 5/64" 1.8 mm 3.5 gr

Also need one piece of flat carbon for the tail reinforcement.
.020" x .120" -- mm. 2.2 gr

6. 1 piece of 1/64 x 6 x 12 three ply plywood

7. pick up some Scotch 2 inch wide 3M blue painters tape # 2080 and some regular clear 3/4 inch tape.

9. Foam safe CA and Kicker. I like thick and medium. Don't even try it with out kicker. I don't recommend Gorilla glue since it shows up real bad with the lights and you can't really paint this one.
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