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Phil, remember that each manufacturer is reading the same text you are reading at this very moment. If Brand A tells you to buy your supplies from Supplier X, then Brand B learns that they've been buying from a more expensive supplier Z all this time. Now Brand B can catch up to why Brand A was less expensive in the first place, so Brand A has lost the competitive edge. It's just simple business. Minizepp doesn't want to give away industry secrets to Airship Solutions, and Airship Solutions doesn't want to give away their secrets to Mobile Airships. Business. Those are the "seniors." Those who are not in business to make you a blimp are going to be folks like Tom (Majortomski) who are of a rare few who even participate in the forums. And thanks for it Tom! The rest of us are in the same boat as you my friend. We're all here to learn as well, but if the only teachers are business folks who don't want to give away industry secrets in public, then I can respect that. Now that I've spent some dough with one of them, I know that they'll be there to help me in some of the construction phase. But I won't be so arrogant to think that I should expect them to teach me how to build something they would have rather sold to me. It would be improper for me to ask them that.

And while it may seem to be a "limited shared knowledge", that's also because this is the only active r/c blimp forum in the world. It's not like a Harley owner's association, or even an r/c sailboat group with hundreds or thousands of active users. There's just not that many participants in this aspect.

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