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Hello Graig,

I perfectly understood your "business" point of view and did notice that some people here were blimps sellers. I actually like the fact that they do not try to hide it, which at least is sane / honnest and thus may not affect absolute beginner's judgment like mine.

My point is that I am a member of various forums on various subjects, and this is the first time I stumble on such a limited shared knowledge and I wonder why.

Does that mean that new members have tried and failed, then disappear from the forums ? If that would be the case, then would it be a lack of previous preparation, as hinted by Guga, or a disappointing blimp behaviour in the air, because new comers can only afford small blimps and not mnimum 30 feet blimps as suggested by Guga ?

I nevertheless do not share your "Build a relationship with one of them first (which means spending $$), and I'm sure in private they'd be more than willing to assist". That sounds quite venal to me. Shouldn't the purpose of a forum be to shared in public and not in private ? Thus my use of the word "embarassed".

So I still fail to understand, but I did appreciate that you took some of your personal time to answer to me and to explain the situation quite clearly.

Hope you won't charge me "fat" for that tough - Hey, I am just kidding, stop swearing ! :-)

Best regards

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