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I think embarassed might be the wrong word. Most of the "seniors" in this forum are businessmen, active in the trade of selling the rest of us a blimp. Naturally they don't want to give away their sources or give us A-Z instruction on how to build one of the larger units for fear of creating competition (worst case scenario) or losing a potential sale to you or others reading the post (probably an even worse scenario). And there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

It's like walking into a car stealership and asking the mechanic to tell you how to fix something. They could tell you, but then you'll spend your money at a discount auto parts house (instead of their parts shop), and do the work yourself. They didn't gain anything from it. Occasionally you might run into someone willing to give you the answer, but that is the exception, not the rule. I think for Guga to provide info that he has (and he has helped me in private questions) is commendable. I think it speaks even higher of any company willing to sell parts of a blimp to give the consumer the ability to build their own wheel, not necessarily reinvent it. When we buy a complete RTF system, we hope to be buying experience, success, and proof of concept that was tested before it left the factory/warehouse/backyard shed. And we'll have to pay for that. There's not a thing in the world wrong with charging for services. But some of us are DIY'ers who would prefer to build components ourselves. I'm no envelope builder or designer, so I know my limitations.

Spend the money to buy an envelope from one of these manufacturers, and they'll likely gladly give you info on what glue works best, how to apply it, and give you other pointers along the way. Build a relationship with one of them first (which means spending $$), and I'm sure in private they'd be more than willing to assist.
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