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The flat-panel airfoils are fine for narrow speed ranges, where they are actually a symetrical airfoil. The problem comes when you want to fly slow and fast with the same plane, as the CoL shifts with speed w/o a thicker airfoil... I suppose bubble separation and all that techo-stuff are the reasons, but regardless, it's a tough blancing act as you pick up the speed.

We've been doing profiles for longer than I have been involved in the hobby. The GWS Stik series, and the Roadkill Series are just a few examples. These have single surface underchambered airfoils (not quite so with the balsa Roadkills, but close enough). These underchambered airfoils are actually pretty efficient for lift/drag/weight. Covering the bottom of the wings decreases lift and drag, but increases weight... so the will fly faster, but won't fly as slow. Thus you begin the trade-off game. What's the goal? Design for it.
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