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You can always build with an airfoil, either single sided ie out of one peice of depron or cellfoam or double sided out of 2. You can also shape an airfoil out of blufoam. There are lots of threads explaining how to do this.

If the motor has enough power it will pull a flat bit of ply through the sky, we used to do that with control line flying in the old days. But for an aircraft to fly "correctly" you need an airfoil of some discription to generate the necessary lift to keep the model in the air and to counteract the forces of drag and gravity.

The idea of a flat fusulage is that it has the correct profile and from the side looks like the intended plane. It is quick, cheap and easy to build. Where this type if model "falls over" is when viewed from the front and or back. Then it looks like what it is a "profile model".

Look at some other plans there are masses around most can be converted to creation in foam. It is just another building material.

Hope that helps.

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