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Originally Posted by hogar
Have you considered Phoenix from (approx $1K).
It seems to have everything (6DOF, GPS, static/dynamic pressure, servo outputs, and on top of that it is a software development platform of its own). I don't know more about it, than you can read on their home page. Has anybody experience with it?
Anyway, I am working on an (ever changing) UAV autopilot project based on gumstix. So far I have reproduced the results by, and I am able to control 6 servos with a X-box controller.
At present I am making a coanda flying saucer ( and control it with a X-box controller through a gumstix.
I am still looking for a sensor package. I might go for SparkFun IMU ans GPS.

I'm running out of serial port in the design. How many do you have?


GPS (some interfaces use 2 ports??)
servo circuit
pressure sensors (3)
possible AOA. beta sensors

I'm still learning a lot, but I went ahead and bought the gumstix to play with.
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