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Well that might be too strong a word....I think they were a good product in their day......I have all the RCM mags from '76 to '86 and I think they advertised nearly every month..! So it must have done the job, which was to accurately discharge the Tx and Rx Nicds down to precisely 1.1 volt per cell (I think), and then bring them back up to their full potential. If it still does that, it has some value. It probably would result in a Tx battery lasting longer.
I don't like the fact that the Tx battery usually does not get fully discharged too often like the other packs we use, so after a dozen uses or so I will turn it on and leave it sit on the bench where I can see it for several hours to let it get down into the yellow or red zone and then give it a good 16 hour charge. I think I will replace the 600mah NiCd with a 1600 NiMh pack over the winter. That would give both a very long operational time for the Tx and eliminate any worry about memory, at least that's what the "experts" say..!

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