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Originally Posted by jive
Before I purchaes my Lama2, I watched a ton of videos. Almost all of them were of the lama either hovering, or slowly puttering around someones living room. After just learning forward flight on it, I'm surprised at how fast it can go, and how well it (mine) does forward flight. Why isn't this mentioned more, or video'd more?

My guess would be most people just dont have the room indoors to get these little boogers up to FFF speeds they are capable of. Even then they are not that fast. I know when I fly mine in FFF i am much more likely to have blade clashes, stalls, etc. .. you know things that would never happen if I were flying in the confined space of my living room.

Maybe everyone is cautious??? I wish I could vid some of the flying we do at hangar at work .... the BCX is like a little mosiquito buzzing around when modded!
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