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Since you would be wanting it to charge at completely new values and much higher amperage it would require a substantial makeover I would think.

Better to seek out a modern day charger for your flight packs.

What this device did beside charging was to discharge and completely "cycle" the Tx and Rx cells in an age (the 70's and 80's) when cycling was all the rage to destroy the killer "memory" effect that NiCds were supposed to have. Nowadays that theory of memory effect is debatable and many modellers feel it's not an important issue with NiCds and others change their Tx cells to NiMh which they claim positively have no memory.....

It's sort of like buying the old die cut kits on ebay......unless you are partial to a particular kit, you are far better off to buy the new laser kit cuts that are available today and are designed for electric flying ..... all comes under the heading of...."progress"......!

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