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Originally Posted by ssling
Now that I am flying rather than crashing the TM, I got brave. Got a little too low on a turn, caught the wing, and the one side of the prop snapped. When I removed the cowling and replaced the blades (I got good at that with the IFO) I noticed there was a noticeable bend in the propeller shaft that I was not able to straighten out using the pliers. Since I had four bad crashes when setting the TM up, I suspect it came from flying into a wall rather than this little wing tip tumble from 6 inches. I also noticed that there is virtually no wobble where the propeller attaches. Would you suggest I put on the prop and continue to fly (I am assuming there won't be a problem) or should I bite the bullet, take the motor out, and replace the shaft. I am guessing many of you have already encountered this issue, and I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks
Ssling, isn't it great when your flying gets to where the airplane pretty much goes where you want it to, and you aren't stressing about it? When most of your flights end with a planned landing and an airplane that's ready to fly again? With a little practice the pico moth is just like that to fly. When I get a bent prop shaft, I take it off and roll it on a piece of glass to find the high spot, then mark that spot and put the shaft on a scrap of plywood and tap the high spot with a hammer and stick of wood held like a chisel. That way I don't mess up the threads. With a little practice I'll bet you can get it straight enough that you really can't tell the difference from a new one. But watch out for stripped teeth on the nylon spur gears. Sometimes a tooth or two will get mushed down into the slot (there must be a better name for it) between the teeth and keep the gearbox from running smoothly. You can often scrape enough of the nylon out with an exacto knife to get it to run again. I try to keep a pretty good supply of spare parts around.
So, congratulations on your flying, and keep that moth in the air!
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