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Originally Posted by ssling
Now that I am flying rather than crashing the TM, I got brave. Got a little too low on a turn, caught the wing, and the one side of the prop snapped. When I removed the cowling and replaced the blades (I got good at that with the IFO) I noticed there was a noticeable bend in the propeller shaft that I was not able to straighten out using the pliers. Since I had four bad crashes when setting the TM up, I suspect it came from flying into a wall rather than this little wing tip tumble from 6 inches. I also noticed that there is virtually no wobble where the propeller attaches. Would you suggest I put on the prop and continue to fly (I am assuming there won't be a problem) or should I bite the bullet, take the motor out, and replace the shaft. I am guessing many of you have already encountered this issue, and I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks

Hey SSling......I don't know how bad it is bent but I used to always just replace mine when they bent. I used to have a Himax brushless in a GWS gearbox on my 3D foamy and I wrecked that thing so much I kept extra shafts on hand. They are easy to replace and very cheap. I think they are only a couple of bucks each. Not that I wouldn't try to re-bend it if I were in a pinch. I just do whatever it takes to be able to fly!

good luck with it bud.

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