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you dont profit much... at all if any... its basically enough to keep me in this hobby...

i make enough to throw in a plane or two in the build batch for myself. thats about it... and trades are always awesome had plenty of those..

if you plan on doing this for an actual "job" or income, your just not being real with yourself... especially these planks..

now if you were like strembridge or Predator doing ONLY wings.. i think you could knock those out a hell of a lot faster and build cost is down a lot more than the JW's i build..

hardly any goop, no fuse to shape/sand and sink gear in seperate.. minimal tape because light weight is key to combat, opposed to the JW's i build, people want STRONG to go fast and that requires GOOD quality tape and a fair bit of it...

i dunno.. i enjoy it, but sometimes its overwhelming to look at all the work you have to do still and what little money you are actually profiting.. but when you see them fly it suddenly all becomes worth it..

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