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build time: whats it worth?

lately ive gotten quite a few pm's regarding building some planes for some peeps. now heres the funny part, after they inquire about how much its gonna be, and i respond, i dont hear back from them, lol. (sorta rude actually, at least say 'thanks but no thanks'). the thing that people dont realize is the actual time and effort needed to build a stout, fast foam plane. just the gooping process alone (i usually use 4-5 coats of thinned goop per side) takes an entire day to complete including the drying process. the irony of it all is that people want custom planes, now, for cheap. currently i charge $140 for a rtf ship, (sans electronics), plus the cost of the kit. this includes all glues, tapes, and ultracote, and after its all said and done i make about , oh, 4 bucks an hour, maybe. hahaha. we all know what a pain building can be, so what do you think is fair to charge for build time?

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