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Originally Posted by koko76
First off, no brake on helis.
Second 10C discharge pack and a Trex aren't going to play very well.
Third, high discharge isn't that great an idea, gives you not much margin of safety in situations like this.

This may not matter though, as there are a ton of variables that can make this stuff happen. The battery probably made fire because you drew too much current out of it. What is causing this is what you need to determine. Possible causes :
Gear mesh too tight.
Binding in the tail drive shaft
Belt too tight
Messed up motor
Badly set throttle/pitch curves
Battery simply isn't up to delivering the current you are asking. 10C battery isn't a good start.
I think NONE of this reasons could have created the fire. if you have a bad setup, the heli simply wonīt fly.

A 10C battery might be too low for a T-rex, but I donīt think this itīs the reason. A 10C battery wonīt letyou fly 3D and the flight time will be short, but it for shure will letyou hover.

for a lipo to get in fire, it has to puff and smell before fire; not suddenly.
Live2die420 : maybe you didnīt nottice a puffed cell or a strange smell. the fire was created due to a damaged cell; maybe the cell was overdischarged or overcharged. The root of this fire can be the battery was out of balance, and you recharged the battery over and over without balancing it.

Do you have a lipo balancer...???
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