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Originally Posted by Luisfc1972

What mods are absolute must? from what i read these are the most important:
1. support for the wing struts
2. cross rigging (what does this mean?)
3. make the spar stronger. (i read you can add a spar made out of 1/8 in. light ply and it would help so the wings wont fold if trying a loop.

keep in mind i just want a relaxed slow flier. i dont care about aerobatics or tricks.

thanks for any help
Take a look at the 2 excellent links in post # 53 on the page before this, posted by Basketcase. Personally, I haven't gotten around to adding rigging, or any wing reinforcement to my pico moth, and it's well into it's second season, with hundreds of flights and at least a dozen crashes or very bad "landings". But it weighs a bit less than 8 ounces, with battery and IPS sized brushless. If you keep the weight down, it will turn fast, and pitch up fast without folding the wings. If you end up at 10 ounces, go ahead and add the wing "wires". Get the dihedral right--don't use blocks at the tips like I did at first--the wing will just bend and the dihedral will come right back out when you take it off the blocks. After I got mine back apart, I sanded just a little clearance in the dihedral joint, and used a little bit of epoxy (mixed with microballoons, but that's not essential). Proper dihedral is essential for good turns. I use a clean scrubby pad or steel wool to scuff up the wing where the wing struts glue on, and lightly sand the struts themselves, then wipe it all clean with a tissue dampened with alcohol. But in a crash or a really hard landing, the struts will still come apart. I figure that's OK, something's got to give. I also didn't do the landing gear mods on Moth #1, just tied the two sides of the LG wire together with a few turns of kevlar thread, right where it comes out of the fuse. That keeps the wires from spreading out and breaking the sides of the foam. Have fun, but keep your moth in sight while you fly it--(see my next post on that subject).
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