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ok so ive decided to order the $50.75 pico tigermoth with the IPS motor. i am also ordering 7-Cell 8.4V 2/3 AAA 370 mAH Ni-MH Flat Packs (Basketcase thanks for the link). Ive read many of these threads but lots of the info is outdated and old.

i am comfortable with rudder and elevator only and have been drooling over the tigermoth for quite some time. the only question i have is:

What mods are absolute must? from what i read these are the most important:
1. support for the wing struts
2. cross rigging (what does this mean?)
3. make the spar stronger. (i read you can add a spar made out of 1/8 in. light ply and it would help so the wings wont fold if trying a loop.

keep in mind i just want a relaxed slow flier. i dont care about aerobatics or tricks.

thanks for any help
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