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Building a kit now a days is a piece of cake. As an experienced builder I found the MM kits to be a VERY easy and enjoyable build. All parts fit was EXCELENT. A bit fragile, but they are designed to fly well, so are very light.

I can not comment on the instructions form a beginners stand point though. But from what I'v read here, they are a great introduction to building kits. A perfect next step from the Lite Sticks/etc.

I also really like Sig instructions. My wife ( then girlfriend) built a Senioretta (sp?) on her own. I only helped with mounting the motor ( drilling/tapping alum)

Just take your time and enjoy the build. I do like the convenience of the Almost ready to fly jobs, but nothing flies like a nice lite kit.

BTW scratch building referes to drawing the plans, making a kit, and buidling it. ( really not as hard as it may appear at this point in your modeling career) Some of the purists even get bent out of shape if you call it scratch building when you build from someone elses plans. ( got a lecture on that one ) Personally I can care a less what it called.

As an added bonus, if you get stuick building...just post the question/pictures here. I can almost guarentee that you will get an answer or 20
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