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I even seen a house fly!
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Wow Dale, that sounds rather similar to me learning on my black moth! Mind you, this was after trying to learn how to fly on a thrice damned Megatech P51 that NEVER flew, so to me the tiger moth was a step up! Never did hit a goal post though, that was my buddy Eric's curse. ONLY thing sticking up out of the field and he hits it :P Mind you, I have "treed" my birds a couple of times!

Fear not Dale, I've lost count of how many times I've ripped the wings off both my TMs, although I must say that since I've become an avid fan of the GWS contact cement over epoxy for repairs, my orange tiggy is nowhere near the fatness of my 13oz AUW black tiggy

Best thing I can suggest for securing servos (and I know Wayne will back me up on this as he was the one who originally suggested it to me ) is to wrap them in masking them and epoxy them to the sides of the fuse. Haven't had a servo budge since! And yes, I too had an interesting flight when the rudder servo came loose on my black moth, mind you I did get it back on the ground without too much mishap...

So get those wings back on, epoxy those servos in place, and if you haven't done so already, you might want to consider flying wires! I wouldn't fly without them, but then again, I'm also a little bit of a fan of scale stuff! Fun scale mind you! But nonetheless!

Cheers and welcome to the club! ^_~


p.s. And Wayne, I do remember that Hawaiian tiggy! I STILL can't believe that's a GWS bird! Check out where the lower wing meets the fuse. Doesn't it look weird to you? Don't know if it's a trick of the camera or not, but it looks like he's got scads of undercamber on that lower wing in the close-up of the main gear shot!
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