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Tiger Moth Woes


I must be the worst Tiger Moth pilot in the history of rc. While I am new to this plane, I have flown 3 channel indoor planes for over a year, I can pilot my Butterfly successfully in the confines of a small room, and I am reasonably proficient (I don't crash, although I sometimes land to prevent calamity) at both slow flying and basic acrobatics on the IFO. I then purchased the TM for aerial photographyl

I finished the plane two weeks ago, and did a brief maiden flight early one morning.
Flight One
Everything seemed to go fine for the three minutes until I misjudged a the distance to the soccer goal. Ripped off both wings, and then repaired them.
Flight Two
On the next trial run, I guess the battery shifted back into the fuse, because although the controls worked on the radio test, when I started to fly it veered into the right, into a another goal before I could cut the motor and lost the wings again. Velcroed the battery into the fuse
Flight Three
On the third attempt, I had the servos reversed from the IFO and dove straight into the ground. I started to dread trying to fly this thing. On that misadventure, the servos pulled loose. I put them back in but they apparently will not hold.
Flight Four
My flight today lasted one lap around the field before it failed to respond to inputs. When I extricated it from the big ac units, both servos were loose. Any tips on securing the servos?
1) Can I secure them using foam-safe CA?
2) Is it possible to CA them to the double-sided tape (I wired up the struts, and so it is impossible to get full access to the fuse without cutting and redoing the lines)

I like the plane, and am worried I will completely destroy it before I master flying it. In the air it seems docile. How about flying?
1) I hand launch, and it seems to rise so quickly I tend to back off on the throttle. Should I let it get tree-high before attempting to turn?
2) Does it turn in a relatively short area, say the width of a baseball infield?

Thanks for your help. I hope to have this flying before I have to build a second one to capitalize on what I have learned! Who would have thought--can fly the IFO, but can't fly the Tiger Moth!
Dale in Singapore
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