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FMA Co Pilot is a good basic solution.

Heading Lock gyro's should help I dont know are those GWS heading lock?

My favorite servo but a heavy one is the 59995TG. 400oz of torque titanium gears but at $130 its not cheap. If you see my design the wings are directly attached to the servo shaft. I thought for sure I would ruin these servo. Nothing yet. It seems the wing will break before the servo.

See another desing is so nice. Make me feel all warm and happy that Im not doing somthing ludacris. I will put more effort in freeing time to get programming the TH-2 for a 4 rotor tiltwing now as I am sure you can understand how complicated it can be to mix 4 motors and 4-8 servos for this.

I have worked out the mixing in my head now I just need to get it in code.
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